Enriching the lifes by the WORD OF GOD

We believe the Bible is the written inspired Word of God. The goal of our ministry is to teach the Word of God with simplicity and understanding. Bishop.B.Samuel.J.Raj preaches the uncompramised WORD OF GOD continuously and people's lives are renewed. Signs follow the word like in the times of ACTS and People who come with sickness, debt, failure and various bondage in life accept this good news(THE GOSPEL) and receive the healing, sucess, prosperity and freedom. People are saved daily and the lord is adding them to the church as mentioned in Acts 2:47. The Believers are preached with the gospel of the kingdom and on how to live independently in this world’s system and have dominion over it. It is also our prayer that every one should live an abundant life that Jesus died to offer. Further, our desire is for all to hear the Word and gain understanding of God's love and promises.